Minister Jasen Clarke
Usher / Hospitality Director

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to exemplify an effective and positive team spirit within the Usher and Hospitality Ministry. We aim to promote an atmosphere of service, where our valid visitors and church members will feel the warm welcome as they enter our sanctuary.

The Usher and Hospitality Ministry started 22 years ago with the inception of the Praise Chapel. We were first called the Ushers Department, later we became the Usher and Hospitality Department. In January 2016, the name was changed to the Usher and Hospitality Ministry.

The Ministry is headed by Minister Jasen Clarke, assisted by Deaconess Janet Ricketts and Sister Michelle Hudson as secretary. We currently have a total of 28 Members who are scheduled to serve each Sunday during the morning and afternoon evangelical services. We also serve at other events including our annual evangelical services and funeral services. The Usher and Hospitality Ministry plays an integral role within our Sanctuary.

This Ministry is the first point of contact for visitors, potential members and members alike. As a result, it is very important for each team player to ensure that everyone that we encounter is taken care of to the best of our ability and training.

One of the major role and responsibility of the Usher and Hospitality Ministry is to serve every individual that enters our sanctuary ensuring that they feel welcome and a part of the church family. Another huge part of the ministry’s mandate is the collection of the tithes and general offering as we are encouraged to give unto the Lord according to Malachi 3:8-10.