Pastor Kenroy E. Salter
Great man of God, Councillor, and Servant.

Pastor Salter was born in Riverside District, Hanover on May 4 to Louise Griffiths and Herman Salter. He is the 3rd of 9 children. A trained accountant by profession.

He started his world with God in December 1977 at King’s Chapel UPC and rose to the prestigious and sacred position of a Deacon in 1982.

Throughout his Christian walk, he has been vibrant and active in the ministry while focusing on other areas such as being a director of the National SFC as well as the National Bible Quiz, District Youth Secretary and Western District Youth President all in which he served valiantly.

Over the years he has developed a zeal and passion for the work of God, thus taking up the challenge to start this Sunday school in the Mt. Salem area which has developed into what we have today, Praise Chapel Apostolic Ministries. Being a minister of God, it is natural to have challenges, and one of his greatest challenges is always to let persons understand that he is firm on the principles in both the secular and the Christian world.

It is his dream to see an empowered set of people and together to build a mega church with great influence in the surrounding communities. And to forge great relationships with the existing supporters of his ministries and to add to the church both locally and internationally.

Minister Margaret Salter
First Lady, Assistant Pastor, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.

Margaret Salter was born in Kingston, St. Andrew on May 26, 2nd of 3 children; one older sister and a younger brother who has passed. She received the Holy Ghost at the tender age eight years old and had gotten stronger and stronger in the Lord over the years.

She spent her teenage years on the streets of Bottom Pen, Glendevon working aggressively to win souls for the kingdom of the Lord. This hard work has paid off because she is not only a Pastor’s wife and first lady but also an Assistant Pastor and Minister in herright.

As a pastor’s wife and a Christian, she faces a lot of challenges both inside and outside of the church, but her main challenge is adjusting to the different characters in the church.

She is a firm and no-nonsense child of God and a role model to not only the women at PCAM but to Christians on the whole. Her strength and influence is far-reaching and is known even in the secular world; always the person that is asked to pray at work functions and other events.

She is a firm supporter of her husband and his ministry and stands behind him and his vision a 100%. She also supports her children and is a proud mother-in-law and the grandmother of three children.

This woman of God is well rounded and active in the church. She is presently the music director at PCAM and was instrumental in the formation of the new converts’ choir, the girls, and boys choirs and the children speech choir of which she is passionate. She works tirelessly to see the dream of PCAM becoming a mega church both locally and abroad.

She is also the current Sunday School Director and work Sunday after Sunday to ensure that the classes are well attended because she believes in the teaching and learning of the Word of God
She believes in the birthing of souls in the kingdom of God and though she is no longer the Director of the Mission department she still lends her full support to that group. She is a lover of the children and the Youths of the church at Praise Chapel and ensures that they stay active in the happenings of the church.

She is also the coordinator for Praise Chapel Kinder-Prep School, an organization of the church.

She encourages sinners to come as they are and let God adjust their lives.


Sherie was born on January 25 and is the firstborn of Pastor Kenroy Salter and Asst. Pastor Minister Margaret Salter. Like her mother, she gave her life to Jesus at the tender age of 8 at Kings Chapel UPC where her parents and grandparents worshiped.

She followed in her father’s footstep and is now a Certified Public Accountant. She also has a Master of Business Administration.

She currently lives in the USA with her husband who is a doctor in the US army Brother Crevan Reid and her two children, Divini and Jaxon.

She describes herself as being dedicated, strong-willed, opinionated, secretive, productive and a very high achiever. And a very proud wife and loving mom.


Born in Montego Bay on October 25, she is the 2nd child of her parents. She knew from a very early age that she wanted to serve the Lord and at the tender age of 5, she gave her life to God.

As a people-oriented individual, she pursued her career in hospitality and held a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Montego Bay Community College. Her ambition is unlimited, so she is currently in the USA where she is furthering her education doing her MBA and Management. Dianne is a well sought after Human Resources Professional and is very influential in this industry.

She has grown in the church in leaps and bounds and is involved in several ministries in the church. She was the Junior Choir Leader, a member of the Youth Choir and a part of the Praise and Worship Team. She was also one of the Assistant Youth Presidents and is now the current Youth President. She is also a Deaconess.

Dianne met and married the handsome Nashun Ricketts, and they have a wonderful son Javier. Brother Nashun Ricketts has held his own and is a true leader in his right. He currently holds the position of Deacon, Choir Director of the Youth Choir and the Chorale; he is also the Men’s Fellowship Director and part of the Media team.

As strong people of God, this couple is looked up to by not only the young people of the church but the membership on the whole. They have been influential and instrumental in a lot of activities and events regarding the youths in the church

Based on her experience inside and outside of church her advice to other pastor’s children; “You might feel like you are losing air because of the pressures from your environment, but don’t give up, it’s worth holding on.” And to new converts and her peers in the church, she wisely says “This journey is like sweet-sorrow; it brings heartaches yet give great joy. The beauty is the joy always outweighs the heartache, so just rest in God’s arm he will help you through the rough time and rejoice with you in the wonderful times.

Chris-Anthony Salter

First son and 3rd child for the first couple. Chris-Anthony Salter was born on March 2. Chris is a natural leader and is very active in the music department, where he plays bass guitar.  He is jovial, fun loving and down-to-earth, and is also very dramatic, and for this reason, he is always one of the first persons to be called on when it comes to acting out a promotion for the Sunday School department.

Chris-Anthony went to the University of the West Indies where he did his first degree in Economics and his 2nd degree in Business Administration and Management. He is currently employed in Kingston as a Consumer Marketing Manager.

He encourages his parents and the church family at Praise Chapel to keep up the good work that they have been doing and wish them all the best for the future

Sean-Michael Salter

Sean-Michael Salter is the 2nd son and the last child for these wonderful persons of God. Sean is an active member of the church and a senior member of the band where he plays the keyboard.

He describes himself as being a good friend, easy going, hard worker and he loves the performing and visual arts.

Sean also takes after his father and has chosen a career in accounting. He did both his BSc and MSc in Accounting at the University of the West Indies and is now a Trainee Accountant at Price Water House Coopers in Jamaica