Deaconess Dianne Salter-Ricketts
Youth President

Valdean A. Wynter
Acting Youth President

Our Mission
We are a group of vibrant young adults who aim to help young persons grow both in their personal and spiritual lives. We aspire to support each individual in maximizing their potentials and fulfilling their purpose in Christ.

The Youth Ministry formerly known as the Youth Department was established over 22 years ago, from inception we started with fire and exuberance. Over the years we have groomed and encouraged many of our youths, some who have kept the faith and are now leaders and ministers at PCAM. With pride we continue to motivate, inspire, intercede for, pray and strengthen our youths as we know the end result is victory. We pray that the Lord will continue to use this ministry to reap souls, birth kingdom builders, preachers, teachers. promote unity, love and groom stalwarts for Christ.

Our Vision
The vision of the Youth Ministry is to provide opportunities for young people so they in turn can actively participate in the life, mission and church, consequently, preparing them for effective ministry.

The Youth Ministry is led by Deaconess Dianne Ricketts – Youth Director along with the Assistant Director Sis. Valdean Wynter. We currently have a youth committee of 15 members who organize, coordinate and execute our youth services, youth socials/activities, bible quiz, writing club, art club, youth and teen in action, youth outreach and development programs.

As we embark on a new year, we look forward to serving PCAM for another 22 years and more!