Deaconess Lorna Vincent
Women Ministry Director

This movement is also about women empowering women. The women’s group has it’s moving and shaking over the years like any other group or organization. The names of the ministry evolved over the years as our mandate grew. Some of the names were Women’s Auxiliary; Women’s Fellowship Department and now Women’s Fellowship Ministry. As our command widens and the realization is revealed to us that we are more than a department we are a tool to assist and guide the women of the church.

Over the 21 years of existence, we have had three presidents and two secretaries. The first president started a women’s choir which got choked along the way. Thanks to God, and with His help, we have started another. We minister to the congregation every fourth Sunday.

Over the years we have initiated events such as Old Time Runnings; Official Dinners; The operating of the church Tuck Shop; Sewing Classes; Fish Fry; Visitations to other churches at various locations. We have stopped some activities, changed some, and tried different ones here and there. Shortly we will be restarting some of those activities as our membership has grown and need more Women’s Ministry activities starting with a committee dinner for 2017.

We want to thank and applaud all our past Presidents for their hard work which has transported this movement on its journey. We pray that these persons will continue working for the Kingdom for the work of Christ is all about Kingdom building. We also want to thank the ladies who worked in this movement over the years to make it what it is today. God has noted your efforts.                                                                                                                                                 

A big thank you goes to Pastor Kenroy Salter and Assistant Pastor Margaret Salter for embracing and supporting the movement over the twenty-one years. With Christ in the vessel, we will smile at the storm.

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