Minister Margaret Salter
Music Ministry Director

Oniel Hudson
Assistant Music Ministry Director

The Praise Chapel Music Ministry has been a very vivid and essential part of Praise Chapel Apostolic Ministries over the years and has effectively played its part in fostering growth and development through our unwavering dedication to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Under the leadership of First Lady and Assistant Pastor, Minister Margaret Salter, the firm support of our Pastor, Reverend Kenroy Salter, the resilient committee and the cohort of anointed, talented and equally committed individuals that graced this great assembly; the music ministry consistently supported the ministry. Praise Chapel throughout these 21 years has grown and matured into not only a place of worship, but a home, one family under God.

The Music Ministry has been a part of the church since day one and is comprised of The Band, The Praise & Worship Teams, The Choirs and The Praise and Movements Ministry demonstrating massive growth over the years. As we reflect on the 21 year journey we celebrate our success as various events successfully planned over the years have assisted in catering to the needs of the ministry to include Choirs in Praise, Talent Expos, Gospel Fests and other major fundraisers.

  • The Band
    The band has grown transitioned from a complement of approximately 3-5 members at early stages and the band now comprises a cohort of nine skilled musicians (namely Terrence Hill, Oneil Hudson, Sean Salter, Howard Campbell, Rodney Holness, Junior Richards, Jordaine Marshall, Rashawn Haughton and Mickhail Hudson) led by brothers Oneil Hudson and Terrence Hill both of whom have served in the ministry for it would seem a lifetime.

    Various mentorship and training programmes and workshops throughout the years have exposed potential musicians to further develop their talents and skills. The most recent is the drummer mentorship programme which gave birth to three junior drummers who now play independently throughout our services.

  • The Praise and Worship Team
    The praise and worship team has been right there with the band united in ministry and a common love for souls. Earlier times saw us having two teams who would alternate and merge when the need arose (Team members are Tracey Leyden, Raphaelia Haughton, Andrew Muir, Angelee Treasure, Monthia Barton, Sandra Daley, Tatria Matheson, Rashida Haughton, Tia Taylor, Renece Moses, Jacqueline Campbell, Dianne Ricketts & Nashun Ricketts).

    The praise team embarked on a mission to mentor Juniors Praise Team mentees have been continuous and successful since it initiation and continues to lead anointed praise and worship extensively.

  • The Choirs
    The Choir ministry has been an essential ministry team that has graced several stages island wide, when called upon to minister God’s truth in song to various arenas which include hotels, ministry outreach, conferences and municipal fellowship to name a few.

    Early groups were birthed through then Choir Ministry through the years and the church matured and transitioned; one such group was the TEHILLAH group which comprised, Tatria and Tameka Matheson, Andrew Muir, Dianne Salter Ricketts, Nashun Ricketts, Kalita Vincent, Kurt Vincent, Shadae Miller, Theresa Hyman among others. This group was later dissolved as persons moved through various aspects of life most having relocated locally and internationally.

    In 2004 however, the group was reformed by Sherie Salter (Reid) and named the Praise Chapel Chorale later led by Deacon Nashun Ricketts and now led by Mins. Barton.

    The Male Choir was formed in 2004 under the inspiration of Bro. Robin Powell (now Minister), who was the leader at the time, later led by Deacon Lloyd Dixon and Andrew Muir, who later handed the task to Nashun Ricketts who migrated and passed the baton back over to Bro. Andrew Muir.

    This ministry now boasts an array of 11 choirs namely the Adult Choir led by Deaconess Raphaelia Haughton, The Youth Choir led by Min. Monthia Barton, The Children’s Choir led by Abigail Porteous & Sashawna Campbell, The Men’s Ministry Choir led by Andrew Muir, The Women’s Ministry Choir led by Tracey Leyden, The PCAM Chorale led by Min. M. Barton, The Praise Singers Ministry Choir led by Jnr. Min. Cheryl Sewell (formerly New converts choir), Boy’s Group Vernal Lynch & Jnr., Minister Felicia Clarke, The Girls group by Abigail Porteous and Sashawna Campbell and the Teens Choir led by Min. M. Barton. These groups have alternated and collaborated to effectively meet the needs of the ministry as they arise in various crusade and conferences held throughout and on every Sunday.

  • The Praise and Movement Ministry
    Started under the inspiration of Sister Theresa Brown who first started to minister solo pieces in 2004 and later moved on to start the first group of ministers in praise dance in 2005 and had its first dance production in 2007.

    This ministry has ministered at weddings, funerals, hotels and ministers consistently throughout our services.

    Over the years the ministry has grown and has given birth to The Junior Praise and Movement Ministry comprising of teenagers and young adults, The Children’s Praise and Movement and the newly developed New Converts Praise & Movement Ministry.

    The Junior Praise & Movement led by Jodi-Ann Campbell Hill has a cohort of seven young people (namely Tia Taylor, Peter-Gaye Salmon, Jai-Lee Campbell, Rashida Haughton, Natalya Whitfield, Christina and Chris-Ann Thorpe) who have dedicated time and effort consistently in ministering. The Children’s Praise and Movement started Sept. 10, 2010 by Sis. Natalie Williams-Richards with only 3 members which rapidly grew to 11 members. Initially, only 2 children were filled with the Holy Spirit however through the level of interaction and bonding in ministry they gradually baptized and received the Holy Spirit. This group now boasts a cohort of 13 members due to some having transitioned to the Junior Praise and Movement Ministry and new additions throughout the years. They minister on Family Sunday (second Sunday) and during our annual Children’s Conference in May of each year.

    The New Converts Praise and Movements group led by Jnr. Minister Felicia Clarke was formed in 2016 (Natania Reid, Sharlette Duncan, Sickero Bartley (now McLennon), Denika Robinson, Ashieka Williams, Shereefa Fairclough and Whitney Mowatt) some of whom have now merged respectively with the other groups.

    Over the past 13 years the ministry has seen a number of persons gracing its floors as the worship and praise the Lord through dance and movements.

    Here are some of the members who have ministered through the years. They are: T. Stewart, Minister. J. Clarke, Min. A. McKenzie Palmer, Min. M. Barton, Min. P. Jackson, Sis. L. Powell, Q. Dixon, C. Stewart, G. Gordon, F. Gallimore, J. Harrison, O. Linton, D. Salter-Ricketts, S. Salter-Reid, A. Allen, T. Grant, T. Segree, T. Cope, T. Tomlinson, O. Cato. Since its inception this ministry has continued to blossom and be a blessing to PCAM.

The music ministry continues its mandate to train and develop well-rounded music ministers in all associated areas, giving of our time and coordinated efforts to building the Master’s kingdom. We thank all our leaders, committee members and choir members and past and present for your hard work and contribution, and your continued support over the years. We give a special vote of thanks to all affiliated choir ministries who have graced our platform in support of the ministry. Happy 21st Anniversary PCAM! May God continue to pour out his anointing and favor on his servants. God bless you richly.

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